THE PHENOLIC FOAM insulation materials are procured from the European manufacturers in form of insulation blocks. Our suppliers of phenolic foam blocks are the leader manufacturers of phenolic technology i.e Resolco. kingspan to gurantee that the specifications are conformed to all test certificates, our clients' requirements and best quality.

AT MISALLA workshop, the Phenolic foam are fabrictaed from blocks to pipe sections and segments. The cutting process is taken place by CNC cutting machines. The pipe sections are then laminated with aluminum foil. Accrodingly, the prefabricated phenolic foam with factory applied aluminum foil (vapor barrier) are quality controlled by well trained staff to ensure the best quality to our clients.

MISALLA provide advantages to our clients by keeping stock of phenolic foam blocks ready for fabrication of any size or thickness to meet any urgent requirements either due to mantainence or project modifications.

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