Spray polyurethane foam, commonly referred to as SPF is a spray-applied insulating foam that is installed as a liquid and then expands many times its original size. Spray polyurethane foam can be adjusted and have many different physical properties depending on the use desired. Specialized equipment is used to apply the spray polyurethane foam and proper technical training is important in order to get the best results. Spray polyurethane foam is the king of building materials for multitasking. For moisture, it can provide high levels of R-Value, while providing air barriers and assistance in moistuer control in buildings. For roofing, spray polyurethane foam insulates and eliminates thermal bridging through fasteners or gaps in decking while providing a long-lasting roofing system that has a life that can be extended by re-coating or recovering in a average of >10 – 15 Years. Spray polyurethane foam is a remarkable versatile material that provides proven solutions to a great range of challenges in the construction and manufacturing industries.

Spray polyurethane foam is used in a wide variety of applications including, but is NOT limited to:
1. Roofing.
2. Air barriers.
3. Commercial and residential insulation in walls, ceilings and basement.
4. Industrial insulation for pipes and tanks, cold storage facilities, freezers, walk-in coolers, and climate controlled building such as produce storage and clean rooms.

Benefits of Spray Polyurethane Foam:
1. Offers optimal, long life insulation with NO drawbacks, maintenance or repairs.
2. Enhances the value of the property and the quality of life.
3. Leads to large energy saving and reduce air conditioning cost.
4. Is cost effective and easy to install.
5. Self adhesive insulation system, so NO adhesive is required.
6. Applied over any surfaces. (Horizontal, Vertical, Concrete, Metal)
7. NO joints created so NO critical failure points.
8. Leak-free monolithic seal over your entire roof deck.
9. Self flashing roof system that offers NO transitions joints or cracks.
10. Within minutes this foam can be walked on.
11. Excellent thermal conductivity and light weight.
12. High performance and application progress.

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